Sunday, June 28, 2009

Filipino line dancing

Last weekend hubby and I were in New Jersey to attend the 2nd annual celebration of the Seniors Citizen Inc. of Jersey City, New Jersey of which my husband's sister, Diana Altarejos, is a member. Last year she was one of the ladies who was given the title of Mrs. SCI-International and this year, she was to relinquished her crown to her successor. The Filipino community in New Jersey is huge so they are able to have big gatherings in support of whatever activities that they can come up with in order to foster togetherness and also it helps in keeping alive the traditions and culture of the Philippines for the benefit of the younger generation.

According to my sister-in-law, every weekend there is always a party or event going on and that keeps her on her toes. If you are non-Filipino and you happen to get invited to a few Filipino gatherings, you will quickly realize that the highlight of all these gatherings consists of food and dancing.

Dancing and most especially "line dancing" has become a major and never to be miss activity. I am posting here some videos from youtube of the most popular line dances. Most of the dance steps are pretty easy and can be learned with patience, practice and a lot of effort.

1) Todo Todo (Daniela Romo)

2) On ne s'aimera plus jamais (Larusso)

3) September (Earth, Wind & Fire)

4) Totoy Bibo (Vhong Navarro)

5) Mueve Tu Cucu (Cumbia Latin Band)

6) Chilly Cha Cha (Jessica Jay)

7) She Bangs (Ricky Martin)

8) Cha-Cha Slide

I tried to choose videos that have a tutorial in it so you can learn the steps and next time you get invited, you won't be a wallflower. Instead, you should be on the dancefloor whether you know the dance steps or you have 2 left feet.

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